Black Friday

I do not understand the concept of Black Friday. I used to love shoppping, but never on. Black Friday. Getting trampled and fighting to get something material does not seem like fun to me ANY day!

Like I said, I used to love going out to the store or mall to go shopping. Then the internet happened and just like that, I could shop from the convienince of my own home. Shop I did! I had a serious clothing addiction when Katie was little. It started out with Gymboree and then climbed from there. Mini Boden blue bags came almost every single day with clothes for Katie. Boxes and envelopes with clothes in the came daily. Then I got hooked to custom made clothes and had so many fabulous outfits made just for Katie. It got so out of control, that I have at least 7 bins in my sewing room full of clothes that if they were worn, you can’t even tell. A lot of the have the tags on them still. Shameful I know. I have a huge box set aside to mail to my friend Val, for her daughter Sophia. Twirly dresses that I know she will love. The rest….well, I think I am just going to suck it up and do e-bay.

Ebay scares me. I’ve done it before and had good results, but I was never that good that I could just print out postage to send right from my home so going through the whole process of taking pictures and putting stuff up for sale just seems so overwhelming, but I have a helper! Katie is going to help me do this. I’ve tried consignment shops and even mailed a box of clothes across the country to a friend who does ebay.

At any rate, back to shopping and material things. I think that as I have grown more in tune with myself, I have realized that material possessions are just that. Material. When I die, I can’t take any of it with me. Not the books, clothes, car, not any of it. This doesn’t mean that I stop reading books. In fact, I still buy them, but instead of saving them all because I might read it again, I pass them along to other people and save the ones that I think I might reference again or that I think my daughters’ or someday my grandchildren might read. I like to think of them reading the books I’ve saved with writing in the margins or passages underlined and getting a better idea of who I am as a person. Clothing is still a necessity, but I don’t need expensive clothes. In fact most days I’m lucky if I ever even get out of my PJ’s. Then, my go to is my favorite pair of jeans. I’d like to think that I could live without a car, but in today’s world, that is simply unrealistic. But, I don’t need the best or most expensive car. I need a reliable car. I have that.

The roof over my head is the one that my wife and I bought almost 17 years ago. It is our home. It’s modest and meets our needs. Yes, it does need updating and that is hopefully something that we will be able to do in the coming years. We’ve raised a family in this house. Brought our youngest home from the hospital to it. I know that someday we’ll let it go and move somewhere more temperate due to the cold and the negative impact it has on my body, but for now, it is home.

Home is exactly where I want to be. With the things that we need, not just want.


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